2019 - 2020 PTSA Board

Current Terms run until June 30, 2020.  However, due of the current pandemic, current positions may be held beyond the June date and until such time that a General Membership meeting isheld and a new slate of officers is elected. The General Assembly Meeting is scheduled for September 22nd at 7:00 PM.



President - Emily Hodgeman

Vice President - OPEN

Vice President Membership - Karen Mallo

Treasurer - OPEN

Secretary - Ryan Strevig

COMMITTEE CHAIR POSITIONS (see below for descriptions)

Advocacy - OPEN

Audit - OPEN

Book Fair - OPEN

Box Tops - OPEN

Event Coordinator - Athena Stanfield 

Fundraising - Myrna Morrison

Grants - OPEN

Hospitality - OPEN

Nominating Committee - OPEN

Principal - Christopher Bradford

School Store and Spirit Wear - OPEN

Staff Liaison - Patricia Yike 

Technology - Karen Mallo

To contact a member of our board simply click on their name to send an email message.  If you are interested in an open position please EMAIL for more information. 




Advocacy Committee - The advocacy committee shall develop and organize activities and events to further the goals and objectives of the PTSA; helping to make each child's potential a reality.   


Audit Committee - The Audit Committee is responsible for the audits and monthly financial reviews as outlined in the PTA Bylaws.  A minimum of three individuals are needed.

Book Fair – The Book Fair Chair is responsible for organizing the fall and/or spring WFMS book fairs.  The chair can choose to work with Scholastic book or another vendor. Please give 3 month notice of any changes.

Box Tops – The Box Tops Coordinator promotes the collection of box tops, organizes and submits them to Box Tops For Education for payment.  The Coordinator may have contests and provide rewards to help promote box top submissions. Requires budget review as Box Top rewards vary from year to year and is generally based on income of the year prior.


Event Coordinator – The Event Coordinator works with the PTSA and staff to organize Spirit Nights and Celebrations (Honor Roll, various contest winners, PBIS, etc.) within the school.


Fundraising -The Fundraising Chair/Committee considers, oversees all fundraising projects throughout the year.  Projects may include, but are not limited to, selling items for a percentage of the proceeds or other events including participation from the students to earn monies.  There should be two events per year by the PTSA and one held by the school that the chair may help plan, if interested. This means the next school year should be planned by the end of each year or before the school year starts. Chair will present information to vote on as a board. 


Grants – The Grant Chair will evaluate and research grant requests.  Research may include finding other funding options, lower cost alternatives, consulting the grant budget, obtaining missing information, and determining if the grant will benefit the majority of the student body.  Once research is complete the Grant Committee (3 or more people) will meet and vote on the grants for that month.  After the vote, the results will be communicated to the requester and presented at the next monthly PTSA meeting.


Hospitality – Hospitality organizes and hosts luncheons and any other special receptions throughout the year (Back To School, Meet the Teacher, Staff Appreciation, End of Year Celebrations, Graduation, etc.).  Hospitality also organizes events for Staff Appreciation Week.


Membership – Membership promotes PTSA membership throughout the year, collects membership registration forms, updates the NC PTA and WFMS website databases, forwards dues to the Treasurer, and holds membership drives.  Membership also maintains an email list of members for PTSA Committees needs. This must be done in a timely manner.


Nominating Committee - The nominating Committee is responsible for identifying individuals to serve as officers of the PTSA.  The committee is responsible for bringing forth a slate of eligible candidates for election as officers.  This vote shall take place at the last General Membership Meeting of the year.


School Store and Spirit Wear – The School Store Chair manages the school store.  This includes, but is not limited to:  scheduling volunteers, maintaining inventory, and bringing in new items as needed. Budget updates should be submitted every month as portion of committee report.


Staff Liaison – This faculty member serves as a liaison between the PTSA and WFMS Staff to ensure the needs and concerns of the staff are met and communicated to the board.


Technology – The Technology Chair ensures that the website is functioning properly and makes any changes as needed.  The Chair also works with PTSA and staff to ensure accurate information is on the website and social media outlets.  Information includes, but is not limited to:  Calendar, News Items, Meeting Information, Financial Information, Membership, School Store, etc.

All committee chairs will be responsible for giving a report each month at the PTSA meetings.  If chair is unable to attend, a report shall be provided via email to the President or Vice President prior to the meeting.