The following positions are open for 2020-2021.  We are currently soliciting individuals interested in serving on the PTSA Board or chairing a committee. Links to PTSA by-laws and /or job descriptions are provided for each position.  Should you have any questions, please email Emily Hodgeman at or fill out our interest survey HERE 



As taken from the Unified By-Laws, updated 4-20-20

President - The president:

a. Shall preside at all meetings of the general membership and the board of directors at which he/she may be present, and shall designate another officer to preside when he/she will not be present (in the absence of such designation, the board may elect any board member to preside at any meeting);

b. Shall coordinate the work of the officers, the board and the committees of this local PTA;

c. Shall perform such other duties as may be provided for by these bylaws or assigned to him/her by this local PTA or by the board of directors;

d. Shall sign all contracts of this local PTA that have been approved by the board; and e. Shall be an ex officio voting member of all committees except the nominating committee.

Vice-President(s) - The vice president(s) shall perform duties requested by the president and the board of directors. In the event of a vacancy in the office of president, the vice president, or the vice presidents acting together if there is more than one, shall assume the duties of the president until a new president is elected pursuant to Section 6.4 of these bylaws.

Treasurer - The Treasurer shall:

a. Collect, deposit and maintain all funds of this local PTA in approved depositories (including, but not limited to, all monies collected as local dues, raised in PTA activities, received as contributions, or otherwise acquired);

b. Disburse funds in accordance with the annual budget adopted by this local PTA, and maintain records identifying the purpose and payee of all disbursements;

c. Maintain a current record of income, expenditures, assets and liabilities of this local PTA, and make all financial records available for inspection and review by the audit committee;

d. Present a financial report of income and expenses at each meeting of the general membership and the board of directors, which report shall compare current income and expenditures to the approved budget;

e. Remit dues to NCPTA in accordance with Article 5 of these bylaws and the current NCPTA good standing requirements;

f. Prepare a year-end financial report by June 30 showing the total income and expenditures for the fiscal year, comparing those figures with the budget approved at the beginning of the fiscal year, and the assets and liabilities of the local PTA, and submit that report to the incoming president, treasurer and audit committee;

g. File all required tax forms and reports in a timely manner, including but not limited to tax returns for the previous fiscal year, and submit copies of all such filings to the secretary of this local PTA;

h. At the end of his/her term, transfer all financial records to the audit committee by July 1; and

i. Provide assistance to the audit committee upon request.

Secretary - The secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings of the general membership and the board of directors and shall perform such other delegated duties as may be assigned by the board of directors, and shall maintain a file of important documents related to that local PTA, including but not limited to:

a. articles of incorporation of this local PTA;

b. the current uniform local bylaws approved by NCPTA and adopted by this local PTA,

c. the current standing rules of this local PTA, if standing rules have been adopted by the board;

d. minutes of past meetings of the general membership and board of directors;

e. a copy of the official membership roster provided for in Section 5.3 of these bylaws;

f. a current roster of board members;

g. a current roster of all committee members and chairs;

h. legal documents, including but not limited to insurance policies and contracts;

i. current and past tax returns; and  

j. current and past audit reports;

At the end of his/her term, the secretary shall transfer this file of important documents to his/her successor as secretary.


Advocacy Committee - The advocacy committee shall develop and organize activities and events to further the goals and objectives of the PTSA; helping to make each child's potential a reality.   


Audit Committee - The Audit Committee is responsible for the audits and monthly financial reviews as outlined in the PTSA Bylaws.  A minimum of three individuals are needed. A final end-of-year audit is also required in July.

Book Fair – The Book Fair Committee is responsible for organizing the fall and/or spring WFMS book fairs, including set-up, take-down, organizing volunteers, and coordinating with the librarian.  The chair can choose to work with Scholastic book or another vendor.


Fundraising -The Fundraising Committee suggests and brings to the Board proposals for fundraisers needed to cover costs of proposed and/or planned PTSA events and activities. The committee oversees all fundraising projects throughout the year, including spirit nights and box tops, which is currently organized by student government.  Fundraisers may include, but are not limited to, selling items for a percentage of the proceeds or other events including participation from the students to earn monies.


Grants – The Grant Committee, made up of at least three individuals, will evaluate and research grant requests made by teachers, staff or student groups.  Tasks include finding other funding options, lower cost alternatives, consulting the grant budget, obtaining missing information, and determining if how the grant will benefit the student body.  The Grant Committee will vote on the grants for that month and presented information at the next monthly PTSA meeting. Grant Committee will coordinate with grant recipients and treasurer to ensure grants are awarded in a timely manner.


Hospitality – The Hospitality Committee organizes and hosts special events to honor staff and students at the school.  This includes luncheons and any other special receptions throughout the year for teachers (Back to School, Meet the Teacher evenings, birthdays, Holiday lunch etc.) and celebrations for students (Honor Roll, various contest winners, PBIS, etc.). Hospitality committee also organizes events for Staff Appreciation Week.


Membership – Membership promotes PTSA membership throughout the year, collects membership registration forms, updates the NC PTA and WFMS website databases, forwards dues to the Treasurer, and holds membership drives.  Membership also maintains an email list of members for PTSA Committees’ needs.


Nominating Committee - The nominating Committee is responsible for identifying individuals to serve as officers and Committee Chairs of the PTSA.  The committee is responsible for bringing forth a slate of eligible candidates for election as officers.  This vote shall take place at the last General Membership Meeting of the year.


School Store and Spirit Wear – The School Store Committee manages the school store.  This includes, but is not limited to:  scheduling volunteers, maintaining inventory, and bringing in new items as needed. The committee is also responsible for the inventory, sale and distribution of school spirit wear.  Budget updates should be submitted every month as portion of committee report.


Staff Liaison – This faculty member serves as a liaison between the PTSA and WFMS Staff to ensure the needs and concerns of the staff are met and communicated to the board.


Technology – The Technology Committee ensures that the PTSA website is functioning properly and updated with timely and accurate information as needed.  The Chair also releases information on all WFMS PTSA social media outlets, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Information includes, but is not limited to:  calendar, school news items, meeting information, financial information, membership, school store, volunteer requests, etc.

All committee chairs will be responsible for giving a report each month at the PTSA meetings.  If chair is unable to attend, a report shall be provided via email to the President or Vice President prior to the meeting.